Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Doc Err Antenna

1) Nintendo Wii Fit
2) September - Cry for You
3) Guitar Hero - Aerosmith

I haven't seen my fiancee for a week now...
.. and yet we live together
Just eleven more years

- Doctor training to be surgeon
Both my brothers are doctors.

They come in very handy when you need medical advice in a jiffy (and can't be bothered googling for answers).

But if ask either of them if they would have picked another job, now knowing what its like to be a doctor, they would have to think about it for a while.

Salary is pathetic, the hours are long and the patients are always sick! Don't even get them started on the nurses (btw sexy nurses are mythical creatures like unicorns).

"But it must be nice having that doctor prefix?" I asked my brother.
"You can have my prefix if you want. I just want some sleep"

To err is human, to forgive is divine.
I have qualms with this saying. One, why are people allowed to make mistakes and everyone are just to 'accept' it. That's a bit unfair. I think I haven't reached my quota of mistakes yet.

Two, to forgive is freaking hard!


I had a problem getting the Wii to communicate with my wireless router. Blame it on the concrete walls and distance.

Lucky for me I stumbled on this website!

Do it yourself antenna!!

I surfed the pages and made myself a 2.4GHz directional antenna.
I had to remove the logo they put coz it was uncool

Yes, I know - you're thinking. OMGWTFBBQ!!! Mega g33koidness!!!
My green directional antenna!! hehehe

But there was a problem and I fixed it.
And it didn't cost me anything (only a bit of time)

If only life problems were as straight forward.

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