Thursday, 2 August 2007

Romance and Chivalry

I missed the joke.
I attended a professional development course and most of its attendants were female managers (eheemm... and a few cute clerks). During one of the group activities, the question was asked:

'If the sales for a new perfume range set for Christmas was delayed, what could you do?'

Everyone was coming up with things like talking to upper management or expediting manufacture or changing suppliers. I answered

'how about you market it for valentines day instead?'

Everyone cracked up. I dunno what was funny.

"Hmm.. there's ten or so women here and you're the only one that came up with that idea Will. You must be quite a romantic."

I chuckled, "hehehe, i dunno, you have to ask my girlfriend".

I dunno where I read it from, I think from this blog, but there's was a post about what men should do when the girl they're with get overly drunk.

What I mean by overly drunk is when they've had a lot to drink, get hyper for a bit, then eventually pass out.

Should you take care of them? or take advantage of situation?

I love this response:

"when you're with a girl who's drunk, then that's the perfect time to exercise chivalry"

I totally agree.

Its a moment to have her peacefully sleep in your arms. It feels quite nice to take care of them. Tucking them in, making sure they're warm. Then wiping the dribble off their lips and watch them snore the night away.

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