Thursday, 30 August 2007


ReadyChecked the oil, checked the tire pressure.
I've even vacuumed the floor mats.

The car has a tankful of 98 octane for efficiently smooth traveling.

I've got my street directories and my new handy-dandy navigation system
all charged up.

Water, Red-Bull, mints and music.

When you have your mind set on accomplishing something, it becomes exactly that - set on one thing.

It focuses all your efforts and concentrates it in achieving your objective.

But its also that same focus that tunnel-visions and blinds you of logic and reasoning.

It's an annoying trade-off, but that's just how it is.

Take watching animes or a TV series for example. When I'm set on finishing a series, then I will do it.

It might reduce my sleeping time to four hours a day, but I do end up following it through.
I do.

There might be some other way, but this seems to work for me.

And it's not because I don't see what everyone else is saying. (I already have a domineering subconscious, so I criticise myself quite alotta).

This is just my way of getting things done.


My friend and I were trying to make sense of women and shopping.

We joked that surely 10 pairs is more than enough for any woman and that no sane person would need more.

If you switch to 'man-universe' and you talk about cars, surely a Kia Rio is good enough to get you from point A to B. You don't need turbo-charged, direct injected, variable-sequential-valve timing with 350kw of raw engine power!

"Everyone's journey is different" quotes the new campaign for the Ford Fiesta and Focus. "The only thing we have in common, is that were all different".
I quite like the ad.

It makes sense coz I can't see my mom driving a 6-speed 166kw, turbo-charged XR5 to get to work. Nor will you find me happily trotting in a 3-door parking cart (unless its this).

So maybe that's the thought for today (in a metaphorical sense of course) - where are you going? And how are you getting there.

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