Sunday, 19 August 2007

Mano-a-Mano: Unlikely Heroes

In this segment, we’ll be seeing two unlikely heroes battle it out - Mano-a-Mano. Both have appeared in recent blockbuster movies. Both have held the fate of the world in their hands. Both are seemingly ordinary guys who have stepped up to achieve extraordinary things.

But who's got more brain, more braun and more balls!!

Blue corner: Matthew Farrell

Computer hacker who gets himself caught in the middle of a well organised terrorist attack on the FBI computer network. The character is played by Justin Long who you might have seen in Dodgeball or the TV show ED.

Red Corner: Sam Witwicky

Typical seventeen year old boy trying to get in with the ladies. His ancestry would find him in the middle of a galactic war raging between Autobots and Decepticons. Shia LaBeouf plays Sam. He will also be staring in the next Indiana Jones movie.


Character – do these guys play their roles well?

Matthew: Having that pasty complexion ads character
Sam: Fast talking and convincingly stressed. A fumbling fool, your typical underdog hero
Verdict: Both guys fit their roles nicely +1 to both

Appearance – which one is more pleasant to look at?
Matthew: Pale, pasty, scrawny. Looks like he's never seen sunlight in years
Sam: Looks after himself to score chicks.

Verdict: Sam +1

Mentor – Who do these guys look up to?
Matthew: John Maclane -a good cop who always end up messing with the wrong crowd. He's not too keen in stepping up to save the world, but someone's got to do it.
Sam: Optimus Prime - Leader of the autobots. They watch and protect the human race.

Verdict: Both guys look up to worthy heroes. But sadly, John Maclane ain’t so hot with his family, so he doesn't have a perfect fan record. And everyone loves Optimus Prime. He carries a big sword! Way cool! Sam +1

Constitution – How much damage can they handle?
Matthew: Dodges bullets, explosions, car accidents, falls off vents, gets hit by psycho kung-fu lady, gets shot at!! Almost as tough as John McClane!
Sam: Chased by Megatron! Dodges missiles, falls-off buildings
Verdict: Hero point goes to the one who takes a bullet. Matthew +1

Car – Show us your ride!
Matthew: Doesn't even drive a car. But knows how to hot wire a BMW
Sam: Yellow dodge viper AND.. its an Autobot!!

Verdict: Racing stripes!!! Sam +1

Women – how well do they rate with the ladies?

Matthew: Gets to co-star with Maggi Q who wears a tight black body suit and does kick-ass kung-fu moves. Sadly she's out there to kill him.
Sam: Gets to be near Meagan Fox. Gets to be 'under' Megan Fox. Gets to kiss Megan Fox.

Verdict: Uber-hot-vixen Megan Fox wins it for Sam. She's so tight! Sam +1

Humour – Tell us a joke!
Matthew: "Ohhh my god!! Are you okay?..!!! Geeze... you've just killed that chopper.... with a car!!"
Sam: "Just think to yourself.... What would Jesus do?"
Verdict: both guys come up with some pretty classic one liners. Both +1

Occupation - What do you do for a living?
Matthew: Professional hacker. One job got him a cool $50k.
Sam: Doesn’t have one. Sells stuff on ebay as Ladiesman217
Verdict: Matthew +1

Hero Moment - so what did you do?
Matthew: Stopped the evil guys from getting away with cyber-crime
Sam: Protected the 'all-spark' from the evil clutches of the Decepticons.
Verdict: Both did a heroic thing without their mentors. Stuff of legends. Both +1

And the winner is:

Sam Witwicky with a total of 7 points!

Matthew trailed close with a 5.

So there you go.

Sam's the better 'unlikely hero'.

So next time the world is in crisis, you know which one to call!

Alright, so I made this post so I can have pics of Megan Fox, Optimus prime and Maggie Q on my site, nothing wrong with that!

She gets your motor running

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