Friday, 10 August 2007


Moved In

"What is it like now that you've moved together?"

I was expecting 'yeah, it’s good. We get to do all sorts of things' or something along those lines. Instead, she said,

"Hmm.. We don’t' talk that much any more.."

And her boyfriend continued with

"yeah, we pretty much do our own thing. She watches her shows and I watch my things.."

Not exactly the answer I was expecting. I would think, once you've moved in, then you'd do more things together. That's the purpose of moving in right? To get closer with each other.

Instead, I got a feeling they formed their own mini worlds where she does her things and he does his.

Your things and my things. Your side and my side.

Moving Out

My sister and family are moving to Sydney.

Its great news coz my bro-in-law is movin' on up the corporate ladder of one of the big four (or is it five) accounting firms.

It will be sad to see my sister and my nephews go though. The two little runts are growing up so fast already.

But it won’t be so bad. They promised to visit often (or maybe I visit them?! :P) But by gosh! Rent in Sydney is farking ridiculous! It’s much cheaper for me to buy two Nintendo Wii's per week!


I think there’s something wrong with me.

I was watching the Simpson’s movie and in the part where Homer is watching Marge's video,
a big lump formed in my throat and I found it really really really hard to swallow.

Damn that song!

Same thing happens every time I watch the end of Pixar's Cars.

When Lightning McQueen gives up the Piston Cup to help 'the King' finish up the race.

I've seen it thousands and thousands of times, but I always get moved by this scene.


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