Sunday, 8 October 2006

Frances's Wedding

In Hong Kong, if the wedding invitation says 6:30 - that means you try and get there around 8:30. :)
My friend Sharon and I found this out the hard way!
We got there so early, it was probably the least busy place in the whole of Hong Kong!

Now I've seen a lot of weddings (I was a banquet waiter and I used to work weddings every weekend). I thought I've seen it all. But this was definitely new to me.
I guess they REALLY enjoy mah-jong in Hong Kong. :)

Eventually the guests arrived and thankfully the bride and groom were there too (wouldn't be much of a reception if they weren't there would it?!)
From there it was all talk talk talk with lots of food food food :)
I was gonna stick more pics of the food, but it looked boring. But I assure you -they all tasted veryyyy goood. *chinese accent* It made me full for long time!!

Midway through dinner they played bingo. The thought of winning a bottle of red wine got me all excited!!
Of course I'm cursed with having bad luck. I didn't win.
Im really bad at gambling or chance games.

In fact, I thought I was pretty lucky that out of all the tables in the reception, my table had the most girls (only two guys, 8 young ladies and 2.. um... not so young females). Of course my unluckiness would also curse me by putting me in a table where no one spoke english :(

Will: Hi there beautiful, what's your name?
Hot asian honey: *gives Will a puzzled look. Then passes Will the soy sauce*

Speaking of puzzles, I was wondering why the bride had to go through so many costume changes. Couldn't she satisfy herself with one dress? Hmmm. Must be tradition.
But overall it was a great evening! Met up with my gradeschool friend Pak and uni friend Frances, ate alot of delicious food and experienced a totally different wedding.


Talamasca said...

Talk about Filipino time. ;-p

Mah-jong? Bingo? Wow! They gamble at wedding receptions? Now how cool is that?

That peace sign rocks. Hah.

Will said...

they do gamble! and if you win the mah-jong - you get to take the bride home for the evening!
bwahahaha :P