Monday, 30 October 2006

The Mouse's Magic Kingdom

I've heard stories from many people that HK Disneyland totally blows. I dunno why they say that coz the place absolutely ROCKS!!
Disney doesn't blow! But this whale does :P

Sadly my trip there was during a grey-day. Its rained a bit. But if you're a kid at heart (like me), then you'll have a great time even if its hailing frogs.

"How do you get to Disneyland?" Take the Disney train of course!
Admission is a steep HK$295 = P1888 = A$50. And thats off peak prices.

There's a total of four worlds to wander around in but I think they're expanding. Four is plenty to enjoy in one day though.
One of these guys is cute. The other has yellow fur.

I think those who didn't enjoy Disney are old fuddy duddies expecting Disneyland to make them have great time. Sorry it doesn't work like that. If you want to have a good time, its up to you to grab a Buzz lighter phazer gun and zap your way to infinity and beyond!!

Rides are a few but there are lots of theatrical attractions. My favourite is the PhilHar Magic Show with 3D glasses. There's also the Lion King play.
Lion King is one of my all time favourite movies .
Its amazing how they fit the whole movie in 30 minutes. The music and fanfare had me singing 'Hakuna matata' for the rest of the day.
The Golden Mickeys (Disney's version of the Grammys) is a chinese flavoured theatrical attraction. Its weird seeing Mickey, Donald and Minnie speak Cantonese (there's english subtitles of course)

But as you'd expect from any theme park, memorabilia prices border daylight robbery prices. (But you end up buying because you're in Disney!)
Thankfully food prices were okay.
Noodles with fishballs (I thought this was a Nemo friendly place?)

HK Disneyland also hosted the customary Disney parade, complete with all your characters!
I was hoping some of the Disney babes were going to be asian ( Ariel, Belle, Jasmin, Cinderella, Snow White). Ow well.. they still looked good :)
HOT!! and there's Belle aswell! :P

The part I enjoyed the most was the Space Mountain ride. Its a relatively tame roller coaster but your left in the dark so its uber fun. You don't know when its gonna dip or twist or throw you out.

I think I rode it around 10 times! Serious!! I rode it so often I even started posing for the final photo shot!
Love the expression of the guy behind me :P


manel said...

wow! nice pictures :)

bing said...

it's worth to be kid at heart.. sometimes.

nice pictures, will!

Talamasca said...

OMG! I'm sooo turning green with envy now! I've actually never been to Disneyland! :-(

And yep, gotta embrace the inner child in ya. Woo hoo!

Will said...

@psyche, bing and talamasca,
thanks for visiting guys!

and its not that im trying to embrace my inner child, i think i've always been a child, trying to embrace growing old! :)