Sunday, 31 January 2010

Free is so good

Very excited about a new website project I'm working on.  It's going to be a really simple site, which I hope gets bought by Google for gazillion dollars.  But dreaming aside, I'm really doing this project to up my interwebz skills (part of my new year's resolution - be more nerdy).

I've hit a milestone by installing Linux on my laptop.  I'm running Ubuntu 9.10 with Apache 2.0, PHP5 and MySQL.  Its all sounding very geeky, but its really not. Its just programs with very techno savvy names.

But one thing I was very happy to discover was how much Linux and the open source community has grown over the past few years.  I've tried Linux back in 2003 and what a catastrophe that was!  CD drivers not working and crazy terminal commands to get things going.  I couldn't even get the interwebz going.  

But after installing Ubuntu and playing with it a few days, I'm convinced my next (non-gaming) computer will run Linux.  It's got alternatives to Microsoft Office and Photoshop plus all the Web Server applications which would easily total over $2000+ on a Windows system, but available all for free with Linux. Its really quite amazing.

This is probably going to keep me busy but I'll try and blog when I can.  And I'll try not not blog so much the geeky stuff.  I'll probably start a different blog for that.


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