Friday, 5 February 2010

The Email Box

I keep my emails.

(except the ones that don't have subject lines)

Partly because its required at work and I just got into a habit of it.

And partly because I'm just really sentimental.

A few days ago I was procrastinating at work and decided to archive my emails instead of doing boring documentation.

I started archiving emails back from 2005 but could not help reading a few.

Some very rude emails were still there.  And reading through the forwarded stuff and the conversations with the boys brought back laughs.

But I was really quite surprised of the things I wrote - I'm such a stupid head!! Hehehe.
I mean, I'm so emotional and reactive and really quite naive in the things I wrote.  Perhaps I changed quite a bit these last few years, but definitely many things I would have handled differently.

I had a final read of a few emails before it all turned into one *.PST archive file.

That was that I said.  Its move-on time.

I need to make space for more mail.

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J said...

Sentiments are good, but too much of it can make you a hoarder ;-) In goes one, out goes another -that way we make space and not suffocate in 'stuff'. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ;-) Easy for me to say than done, but what do I do w/ my kids' old first clothes? I'll let it age for 10 more years then I'll probably bin them. Or maybe not.