Sunday, 24 January 2010

Dreamy Donuts and Little Caesars

Anh and I discovered more ways to get fat last Friday.

Dreamy Donuts

So glad Anh was told about this place.  These are my new favorite donuts now.  They are nice and fluffy and have quite a variety available.

I like these more than Krispy Kremes because they're not too sweet.  Dreamy Donuts are still sweet, but they don't make my teeth ache with sweetness like KK donuts do.

Plus their boxes have handles.

Little Caesars

When Anh and I visited Litlle Caesars in Mundaring we were blown away by their dessert pizza.  So our expectations were quite high when we checked out their new store in Leederville.

The shop was absolutely packed last friday!  People were lining outside to get seats.  We didn't want to wait so we ordered take away (and also took home the pizza shop smell in our clothes).

The Roman Empire

Jane's Addiction

The pizzas were only so-so dough (get it?).

Maybe it was the italian sausage and the prosciutto but we found the pizzas a bit too salty.   I mean, they tasted okay, but nothing mind blowing.  Nothing so different to other gourmet pizza stores.  Perhaps its just their dessert pizza's that are good.

The Caesar salad that walked past us looked good dough (get it?)

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