Monday, 18 January 2010

E-Bridal and the Wedding

Wedding overload last Saturday.

Spent the first half of the morning checking out the eBridal wedding expo.

As you'd imagine, the $15 event packs the Burswood function area with pretty much every wedding-related item you can think off.

Photographers, invitations, cake-makers, venues, dresses, limo hire.  They even had this guy who will MC + DJ and sing on your wedding! It's the wedding singer! And he actually sounded pretty good. Very Frank Sinatra.  Too bad his music choice were too old for us.

It was a good experience, but one that I wouldn't want to do again lolz.

Not that it was bad or anything. They did give free popcorn and mini-cake samples.  Plus we probably saved lots from the deals and discount vouchers we picked up.

It just that it had this unpleasant feeling of having too many bride-to-be in one building  :P

With the brides were moms, sisters, friends, bridesmaids, cousins - whoever.  It was like a giant bridal-Tupperware-oestrogen party *shudder*

And its really unfair because is geared towards women with heaps of stands with 'Hen's Night' stuff.  Where's the stand with Buck's night memorabilia huh? Where's the pole dancers?  :P

Man-stuff - Hummer Limo

After the expo we headed to the Perth Cathedral for Joe and Michell's wedding.

The newly upgraded Cathedral looks fantastic!  It's both modern and traditional at the same time.  Inside is really bright and fresh and a huge improvement from the previously dark church.

The altar has a new greeny-bluey glowing background

The reception was then held in the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre. I really liked this place and  I'd have my wedding here if I had the choice :)

Chopsticks with Knife & Fork! Brilliant!

The celebration was really enjoyable.  The food was excellent, the company was great and we had a great night.

Was sooooooo tired at the end of the night though!

All wedded out as well.

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