Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Wasabi Printer

Very excited today :P

No wires - just bluetooth!

If you haven't heard of it before, the Wasabi printer is Dell's version of the Polaroid Pogo. These printers are Bluetooth printers that let you instantly print your mobile phone pics!

This printer replaces my old Polaroid camera which I loved.... but had to get rid of because Polaroid didn't make the film for them anymore. Probably because Polaroid film were hell expensive! Worked out to be over $2 a shot!

The Wasabi print outs are only 2x3" in size and the colours a tad greenish, but are quite good. They not super fantastic, but so was the Polaroid :) And the film is almost ten times cheaper at 96 sheets for $20.

Plus you can peal off the back and make it a sticker!! Instant Purikura!!

Now these printers used to be US$200+ each. But for some freaky reason (maybe coz the quality is only so-so hehehe) they now selling of about $30! Bargain!! :P

Looking forward to lugging this thing around and printing fun random stuff!


~~shake it

~~shake it

~~shake it like a polaroid picture! Heeeeey yaa~~~~!

**** Edit - Another case of stupid me not reading the manual!! The Zink photo paper comes with a calibrating sheet - which I threw away when I did my first prints. I thought it was just backing material - who knew the bardcodes were important :P The printer infact reads it to calibrate the printer. The prints are so much better now - not as greenish. Very happy with it :P

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Anonymous said...

hey will,

where cn i get one? they look awesome!