Monday, 14 December 2009

Drive Home

Don't get us wrong.

We don't mind driving.

But a topic which struck a chord during one of our regular MSG (Men Support Group) dinners was the drive home.

You see, its quite common for the guy in a relationship to drive the girl around. Has nothing to do with us guys not wanting to be seen in the passenger seat of a girly-girl car.

Or that we don't trust your driving.

It's about us wanting you to just relax, sit and enjoy and let us worry about the traffic, parking, fuel and rage associate with driving (this doesn't work with my girl, because I constantly nag her for directions).

But one thing that did bother my support group friends (and something that bothered me before) was our girls refusing us go home early.

Here's what I mean.

Its a weekday, guy picks up girl at her workplace, they go out to dinner, they both have a good time. Around 10pm, he drives out of his way to drop her off. When when he gives her the goodnight kiss - she gives the sad puppy dog pout for leaving her there.

*pout *pout *don't leave me *pout *pout


So he does the 'right' thing and stay awhile. They talk, watch TV and spend more quality time together. And only when she starts yawning, will it be okay for him to go home.

When its already midnight.

So the guy in the story now needs to drive home, tired and just wanting to get to bed. And its often too tempting to get back home quickly by giving the car a bit more juice than needed.

This happened to me a few times and I was really quite surprised how many of my guy friends go through with this. They were like "ZOMG I go through the exact same thing!!!! Do you get McDonald's drive-thru too?"

We realised that if it was the other way around, in that our girlfriend dropped us home, we'd be wanting them driving home before the sun went down.

We wouldn't want them staying and driving so late because we know there's heaps of tired and crazy drivers then.

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tru dat!!