Wednesday, 30 December 2009

End of 2009

What a year! As I flick through my blog posts, I realise how much has actually happened this year. So many events - big and small. Some felt like they happened ages ago. I can't believe it all just happened this year!

Project completed

Biggest thing to happen to me was getting engaged. Although its been in the 'planning' for a while, it's only when we started looking at wedding stuff did it hit home that it's really happening. Or maybe its when the priest asked us to raise our kids in a Christian fashion did it really hit me. Kid for crying out loud!!! We went from dating to thinking about our future children's school in one week! Crazy stuff!

And weddings were aplenty this year. My brother and my best bud got married. I think we went to a total of five different weddings in 2009.

Its a bit scary this age when everyone is getting married. Next year, apart from our wedding, we've already been invited to four! But I do see a light in the end of this tunnel. We're starting to run out of unmarried friends. Must be Baby Shower season is on its way (Update - my good friend Leslee just posted on facebook that she's going to be a mommy!)

But not all were happy news this year. Biggest surprise for me and our family was the death of my uncle only last month. He was 59 and died of cardiac arrest. Its really sad news and up to now, I sometimes stare into blank space thinking how sad my cousins are that they lost their dad. My dad had to fly back for his brother's funeral and missed our engagement celebration. It was a difficult time and I really missed my dad when he was gone.

Good thing he's back now and celebrated Christmas with us.

Speaking of Christmas, 2009 was an eating extravaganza! Maybe its Masterchef or maybe I've just been reading too many food blogs. Either way, there's been a lot of eating in 2009.

I can't believe this was the year we started the 20 Under $20 Best eats journey. Feels like we've been doing it for a while! We still have a few to do and we intend to finish it. We're already planning to make another list after we finish this :P I intend to start the Ready-Steady Cook nights next year (credit to friends Serena and Kong for their cool dinner ideas).

In terms of entertainment, the Wii and the television (and the fiance and parents) are missing me because I hardly see them anymore. Hehehehe. All thanks to Steam and its easy game downloading system. The best part is I can play with my friends all in the comfort my room naked.

I also finished watching Jumong a few days ago (81 freaking episodes!). This Korean drama was good, but it got really long in the end. The subtitles were really really bad and it made it so hard to watch other shows because I already started this one (once I start something I have to finish it!). I'm looking forward to more regular Korean movie watching in the future. Maybe more Korean-flannel nights :)

2010 has many big big things in store. Weddings, trip to KL, a PS3, maybe new car? who knows. I was even thinking of going back to study (as if!)

Either way, I hope not to be too busy to blog it.
Take care all.

Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year.

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Raymond said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! :)