Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Engagement BBQ

Haven't been blogging for a while. Been busy with so many things lately. Primarily playing games on Steam wedding and engagement related stuff :P

Last Saturday was a HUGE milestone for Anh and me! We organised our first big event together and held our engagement BBQ!!

We didn't want it fancy, we just wanted it super fun - so we pulled out every trick in the book to make it a super enjoyable event :P

We had a big lamb roast,
Soooo goood, I can't wait for the next lamb roast

Octopus hotdogs,

Slushy machine and watermelon vodka,
Epic fail - watermelon vodka = gross

and then we played games.
Toilet paper - wedding dress game

But the best part was setting up a video camera to make a diary room!

The idea was from Big Brother and we were hoping friends would just leave short clips and heartfelt messages. Who would have thought alcoholic slushy and a video camera would make such hilarious combination.

Pam and Ben's clip included sign language for the deaf

Som with some really really random and funny clips

The party rounded up quite late and was already 3am Sunday before we got to sleep.

But even so, we're so happy. We feel super blessed for having such awesome family and great friends around us.

Love you all!

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SK said...

The diary room is a brilliant idea!