Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Celebrant Part 1

I promise no wedding related post next week :)

Just wanted to post that Anh and I met our priest yesterday.

We're so glad Father Joe is the celebrant for our wedding. He's been my parish priest for ages and I really enjoy his work. He's really fun and really easy going. In fact, its him who makes it easy for me to go to church every week.

When we got to his house, he got us straight into filling out forms.

Lots and lots and lots of forms!

One form for the church, one form for the bishop, one form for priest... and then gave us more forms for homework! He's asked us to book ourselves for some 'marriage counselling'. My brother said the counselling thing is quite good, but all I'm thinking in my head is Robin Williams and Mandy Moore. We'll see.

We also did some short vows during our session. It was quite funny. The way Father Joe explained it was something like "do you promise that you're marrying your partner not for his or her money?" hahah as if?! There were more stuff like that, but it did feel nice being there having a mini-wedding ceremony.

I have to look after the kids faith apparently.

Lolz :P

What was surprising was the amount of weddings Father Joe was booked for. His wedding calendar was packed!! He was doing something like six weddings per weekend and he's already booked for thirty weddings next year! And all this time I was thinking he only does masses on weekends. When we left around 8pm, he told me us he had two more wedding appointments that evening!

Tough life!


angie said...

congratulations on the upcoming nuptials!

yeah priests are usually busy, what with the regular masses, confessions (depending on which church the priest belongs to), funerals, weddings, baptisms, special occassions, house blessings, last rites and other hospital visitations... wowee! theyre probably on the job 24/7. poor things!

bing said...

congratulations to you! i am glad you are 'plunging into another dimension' in life. congratulations and best wishes.