Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Ramen & couch

We barely had time to enjoy our new relationship status when all of a sudden we're thrust into this whole wedding organising business.

And its quite a crazy business!

Gotta organise the priest then the church then venue then the limo then the DJ.

Mind you, we don't mind doing all of this, its just that it would be nice to enjoy our engagement without having to worry about deadlines and seating arrangements? and wedding songs?! and flowers and stuff.

Its actually just last Friday (3 weeks after the engagement) that we were able to sit and enjoy a meal together as fiance and fiance.

We had instant ramen! So tasty and so MSG gooood! Anh did well by adding broccoli and chicken to make it gourmet.

Good times.

Speaking of good times, we finally got our couch!

We thought it looked weird when we first got it (as shown in picture).

We went back to the store to complain on how it looks, only to find from the display model that we got the chase cushion the wrong way around!


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