Friday, 20 November 2009

Open letter to the guy that hit my car

Dear Sir,

I'm writing to thank you for the wonderful 20cm dent that you have added to my car on the morning of 18 November 2009.

If you don't remember, I was the the guy driving straight on a silver Mazda3 and you were the unseeing driver who moved into my lane without checking. In doing so, your license plate has scratched and dented two of my doors.

It was unfortunate that you decided to drive off in your red Mitsubishi Lancer when I signaled you to pull over, because we didn't get a chance to discuss your personal life.

So I write this open letter to thank you for the added character to my car. My car was nice before, but you've made it special.

You have also given me another reason to get up in the morning as I now look forward to seeing your car. I'm in no doubt that you will drive through the Roe street and Beaufort street intersection again.

If by chance we were to meet, I look forward to following you and your wife to your work (and your house) and thanking you in my special way.

Kind regards

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