Monday, 7 September 2009

September Indulgence

September is the fattening month.

Lots of birthdays means lots of celebrations.

And lots of celebrations means lots of food!

Tie that together with Father's day celebrations and you've got yourself a month long food fest.

But who cares :P

Its their birthdays and I'll get fat if I want to :)

This is how we celebrated my mom's bday this month. With the traditional celebration food...

KFC and RICE!!
YUMMEEEH!! Make sure you get gravy on them rice :P

Speaking of good food, check out my candy corner at work :P

Now I never get annoyed with difficult people!

Because a difficult person is only a marshmallow away...

...or picnic

..or snickers

..or milkyway.


1 comment:

Phil said...

hahhah KFC all the way man!