Thursday, 3 September 2009


I got my Cuddlee blankets!!

Oh Yeaaah!! Who's your daddy!!!!

For those who don't know, Cuddlees are blankets with sleeves. Why sleeves?

Here's a scenario - Its a cold evening and you're watching TV snuggled under your blanket. You want to change the channel because the show is finished and now they're showing discussion time in Parliament. To change the channel you need to take the blanket off because you can't see the remote buttons. So what do you do?!!! Lose the warm coziness or watch three hours of parliamentarian debate?



The answer is Cuddlee!! YAAAAY!!

Blanket with sleeves! It lets you do stuff with your hands whilst staying under the warm comfort of your blanket.

The Cuddlee is quite big. It wraps my girlfriend twice over.

I know, I know. You're thinking "oh gawd.. how dweeeby!"

And you might be right. The Cuddlee is definitely 'different looking'.

Its like a backwards cape.... with a pouch.

But for what it lacks in fashion, it certainly makes up for cozy warmness!!!
Its sooo warm and gooooooood.

It makes you feel loved :)

My girlfriend didn't' want to take it off after watching a movie with it. And I'm using it right now as I write this post! I use it all the time when playing games or watching movies. Definitely a good buy!

Now I saw a guy in a suburban shopping centre sell one of these for $20. Good thing I stopped myself because Catch of the Day had them on sale. I got two delivered for 20 ducks!

You have to be careful where you buy it though. There's a few fakes going around. The fakes have no pouches. And you simply can't have a Cuddlee without a pouch! That's just plain weird. :)

So yeah, get yourself a Cuddlee now! And may the warmth be be with you! Amen!


Raymond said...

I ALMOST bought one after reading this post, but managed to control my urge after realising how little money I have :P

I was at the checkout page of dealsdirect! :/

Phil said...

Will, have you worn it to a football match liek how they show you on the ad...

Anonymous said...

To describe this ‘thing’ accurately.
I just got mine thought it was a faulty one….. til I read more blogs... I HATE it, much thinner than ANY blanket, awkward to wear, stoooooopid because it leaves your back totally uncovered and cold! Wasted money. If you haven’t bought one don’t! It’s a piece of CRAP!
CyberMac - In OZ