Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Music Trippin

Really enjoying my time in the gym lately.

But not for the actual work-out.

Or the smelly, sweaty equipment.

Or the occasional hairy ass-cracks that I unintentionally see. :P

But, I'm liking the putting on of my headphones and just getting lost in the music.

When music tripping I'm imagining the MTV for the songs and its really cool because I'm thinking these little movies in my head. Like I was listening to Marie Digby's - Miss Invisible. I'm thinking this sepia letterboxed scene with a girl wearing a black coat just sitting under the bleachers. Her hair all ruffled and she's all shy and quiet. Then the scene turns full colour when the song comes to its happy end. You'll have to listen to the song to understand what I'm talking about but yeah, you get my drift with the movies in my head.

[Sidenote - did you see what Kanye West did to Taylor Swift on the MTV VMA? Hahaha Katy Pery says "It's like you stepped on a kitten" Hahaha]

Now because I have the music on shuffle I'm getting all sorts of genres popping up in my head. The problem is when listening to sexy RnB songs.

Unfortunately they don't leave much for the imagination. Like Trey Songz's "I Invented Sex" or Bobby Valentino's "Butterfly Tattoo" . Suddenly I'm picturing hot women with butterfly tattoos doin' the nasty?!


Thankfully there's always hairy old men around to counter with unsexy thoughts. :P

Speaking of RnB I revealed to my girlfriend lately that I have a man crush on Ne-yo.

Just look at them phat lips


But no, I don't want to kiss his lips. I just admire his talent. He sings awesome and has dance moves to boot.

Plus I like his style.

I'm thinking of getting a Ne-yo hat very soon..... saw them in Roger David. Maybe it might give me pullin' powers.

But I'm especially digging his unreleased song "If You Want Me to Stay". Man, this song is just da bomb! If you have a sound system with some decent bass - you gotta crank this sh!t up! The intro gets me all the time and I love the beeps during the pre-chorus. Great melody, great song (made up for not doing the Aussie tour!).

But one musician I have a real crush on is Colbie Callait!

Wasn't a big fan of her bubbly song, but after listening to her Breakthrough album, fell for her voice! She sings so well and clearly (I listen to her before I sleep and pretend she's singing to me).

Now her songs might be cheesy, but that's how I like 'em. :)
And have you seen her video for Fallin For You? From this, it looks like I still have a chance.

Maybe after I get the Ne-yo hat.

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