Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Mythbusting - Coin in Egg

My workmate Peter was going on and on about a home remedy his family uses to treat flu and fever. 

He says its 100% effective.

What you do, he says, is boil an egg. Once hard-boiled, peel it.  Then put a coin in the egg (yes, you read right, put a coin in the egg).  Wrap the coin-in-egg in a handkerchief or towel then rub the wrapped egg all over your body.

The coin, he says, absorbs all the bad energy from the body and will in fact turn black from it.

Peter reckons his mom could tell if they were lying about being sick because the coin wouldn't turn black if they were faking it.

So when the girlfriend got sick, I took the oppurtunity to give the coin-in-egg remedy a go.
Hahaha. You should have seen how weird my girlfriend looked rubbing a warm egg on her neck and chest.

Suffice to say, it didn't work.  

My girlfriend didn't get better, nor did the coin turn black.

I couldn't get myself to eat the egg afterwards though.  

I was worried it DID absorb some sickly energy.

Update 30/4/09 - Peter told me that I can't use normal 20 cent coins! I need to get a silver coin.  And that I shouldn't have the yold in the egg.  I guess this mythbusting experiment is not over yet!!


Anonymous said...

It has to be a "certain" coin. Me and my wife use a coin from overseas. I can't say it but its like a france coin saying "republique francaise 1900" and in the back it says Piastre De Commerce. But I heard somewhere there are other ones. My wife has been using it for years and seems like it works for her and me.

Anonymous said...

i use one. it has to be a silver coin. and some half dollars are made out of silver (not all). you dont have to peel the skin of the hard-boiled egg. you just have to take out the yolk and put the coin in and wrap it with a hankerchief. you rub it on your forehead/back/chest while its hot from the pot until its lukewarm.

HighInBC said...

You need to over boil the egg to get the coin to turn black and the coin needs to be silver.

The egg has sulfur in the amino acids in the white. When you over boil it the sulfur is released. That is why sometimes you see green on the yoke of a boiled egg.

The sulfur reacts with the silver to make silver sulphide.

I probably don't need to say that the blackening is not the "bad groove" leaving your body.

Anonymous said...


You need to remove the egg yolk.

Unknown said...

My parents have used this on me for years...The coin has to be pure silver, the coin I used was 1937. The coin turned to a blueish black hue which means my system was too cool.

I know many say its the sulfur that turns the coin dark, I had my doubts as well. I tried this when I was healthy with the yolk in and used the same coin, it remained pure silver. You can take the egg yolk out and insert the coin, the coin will turn color if you are unwell. Old wives tale or not, you decided, but I do this egg rub every time followed by vicks vapor rub on the chest, head/temple and neck and get under the covers. I wake up feeling 90% better.

Trang Nguyen said...

I do this home remedy for 2 years now regularly....I am sworn that all my desease in my body are gone....I used to have fibermyalgy, arthritis, pre diabetics, hemorrhage. Ect I swear it's all gone. This works 100%

Anonymous said...

ive been doing this since i was a little kid, my mom boiled it and peeled it. she took the yolk out and placed a chinese silver coin in, it always worked for me