Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Eve of being Ancient

Let me start this post with a question.
Which of these three is most appealing?
2) 29-Year old version of me
3) half eaten ham and cheese croissants
If you found that selection rather weird, then you just got an insight of what goes inside my wonderful head.  

A universe filled with rubber chickens and ham and cheese croissant.
Now if you're patient enough to read to this part, then you might be patient enough to endure the rest of my rantings about turning a year older.
And no, this is not some flagrant post to tell people what I want for my birthday (*wink *wink). I wouldn't dare to do such a thing.
In a few weeks, I'll be coming to terms with turning 29. 
Its not so bad really.  Probably not as bad as having both digits change when you turn 30.
Nevertheless, for me, an age increment is an unavoidable reminder that I should be getting wiser (like Gandalf?) and more mature like... Parmesan cheese? Because when I was a kid, that was what separated 'us' kids and 'them' older folks.
But I don't feel I'm getting anywhere near being a Parmesan Gandalf.
And I MIGHT be in fact speedily going the opposite direction and clinging on to childish things like video games, my hentai animes and the green sausage pillow I cuddle to at night.
I guess what I'm really asking is, should something be happening when you turn a year older? Is there a milestone or height/weight requirement that needs to be satisfied before you can pass GO and collect $200?
Coz if there is, then someone forgot to send me the memo.

Alright.. waaaay too much Pepsi Max for me.

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