Monday, 13 April 2009

Review: Guitar Hero World Tour (Wii)

I've been a big fan of Guitar Hero since the day it came out.   On the PlayStation 2,  I would spend hours and hours pretend-playing rock star until my eyes hurt.

At night I would dream about the gems flowing down the guitar hero highway and I would play the chords on my bolster pillow.

I would "sleep-guitar hero".

So to say that I was excited about GH: World Tour would be an incredible understatement.

World Tour kit comes with everything in picture and microphone minus try-hard guitarist


GH: World Tour is Guitar Hero that can be played with drums and a microphone (Karaoke).  If you can find yourself an extra guitar (with Wii remote), you can have four friends playing simultaneously to complete a (faux) band.

IGN full band screenshot

Last weekend, my friends and I got three people playing together at once (guitar, drums and mic).  I was so happy because we almost sound talented.

Almost being the operative word.  The groupie was not too impressed.
Don't think the neighbours were too impressed either.

Still, nothing beats playing games with mates.  :)

Sadly, the fun of GH: World Tour is tainted with some rather annoying hardware issues.  The guitar I got registers notes even when not strumming.  I'm trying to sort out a replacement guitar.  Rather disappointing considering I've only had it four days. 

Guitar box includes stickers to make your guitar PHULLY SICK!

The Wii version also requires a Wii remote for every instrument including the mic!  I only have two Wii remotes, so I need another one to have a singer for the band.  Taking the Wii remotes out of their protective jelly covers to fit into the drums or guitar is also a bit of a nuisance.

But apart from that, the game is just plain awesome fun.  

The Wii version lets you freestyle rock with your Mii characters. 

The game comes with a comprehensive song list including Eye of the Tiger, Beat it, What I've Done (Linkin Park), Band on the Run (Beatles).  Songs can also be downloaded from the Wii store for 200 Nintendo Points (which works out to around A$3).  The instruments are also compatible with Rock Band 2 and future Guitar Hero titles (Guitar Hero: Smash Hits comming out on my birthday month of June *hint *hint)

For me, the biggest plus is getting the girlfriend (aka Ringo) to play with me.  We started a band called Porcelain Chicken. We played three gigs and had a great time playing songs together.   

Looking forward to touring soon.  

Just a word of warning though.  

Drummers tend to hog the drum kit.  
Ringo didn't even let her little sister play!

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