Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Salmon Run 2009

Around this time every year, I head south of Perth with friends and family to Bunker Bay to try my luck with the elusive West Australian Salmon!

Fishing road trips are the best!  
The fat bream... and the fish

Fresh air, blue skies and the glory of catching a salmon!  Hehehehe.  

Schools of WA salmon move around the coast of Dunsborough during this time of the year.  It's very exciting stuff because it's not often you get big fishies so close to shore.

But after four hours of fishing, no salmons :(  

Locals say its too early. Maybe if we went next week or the week after.
I caught this salmon on my breakfast plate.  It came with toast and poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. :P

Nonetheless, we caught lots of other fishies and had a great time.

Anh, the herring queen. She caught so many herrings, I spent more time unhooking and cleaning her catch than actually fishing :P

My brother caught many weird and wonderful fish.  None we took home coz they all looked scary 

We spent the next day driving around checking the attractions and wineries around Margaret River.  
Canal rocks never cease to impress me. Watching big waves smash into big rocks is hypnotising 

We had lunch at Voyager estate, where I had the best meal ever!!  Pork cutlets with crumbed feta served with fried apples.  My mouth waters just thinking about it!

Voyager estate has an awesome garden, but the white house and the huge flag pole reminds me of Camp Biggest Loser for some reason

Then we followed it up with a short trip to Margaret River town centre and Mango ice cream from Simmo's.  Sweet indulgence - so good!

My only regret was having to drive back home.  


Until next year then. :)

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