Friday, 13 February 2009

Tres Lecciones del amor

I was having one of them long days. 

I got up at five and had to do stuff for my house before the electricians came.
Then traffic to work.
Took ages to find parking.
I got to my desk and looked at my diary. 
Three meetings, internal audit and phone calls to make.
What a fun day this was turning out
I needed to ZHHHINGGG my day, anything to make it more special.
I re-discovered my Christmas KK present!!!
It was hidden in the bottom drawer of my desk!  Its a hot chocolate pack which has everything you need for a nice cup of hot choco.  Its got a mug, choco powder and the best part - Mini-marshmallows!
I was grinning from ear to ear.  

With this, I could take over the world!  I could be the most popular guy in the tea-room (just for one day!).  

Power through marshmallows!
But when I looked at the marshmallow pack, I realised it wasn't a resealable.
Once opened, left over marshmallows would be left to dry up and harden. 
I only need about five or so for my first cup, but if I open the pack now, the remaining thirty or so would have to go stale!
The economist in me said 'no deal'! 

So I ended up having my choco with no floaties.  :(

What an uneventful day.

Love Lesson: Love can end before it begins.  Jump in when the oppurtunity arises.
Went to Karaoke last Saturday. I had a good time because I got to hang out with FC and co.
But I couldn't help this uneasy feeling around the place.   

Partly because I've been privy to information that's exposed the complicated web tying the friends together.  There's so much complication and history left unresolved. 
And the idiosyncrasies which, I would have otherwise missed, have become all too apparent.
It would have been a much happier time if love, and life turned out differently.

If only.
Love Lesson:  Love is like a roller coaster.  It goes up and down.  And sometimes, you even throw up.
Me and three boys had our monthly man dinner last wednesday.  

We met at Shimizu Grand.  The $42 fee got me a glass of wine and all you can eat Japanese buffet. 

It was alright.  Good value if you like sashimi and eel sushi.

We got to talking about what we were getting our partners on Valentines day.
One was not sure.  His original plan was to do nothing.  But he's now upgraded to a card.  Apparently its complicated.
One just came back from his honeymoon so he assumes his exempt from Valentines day duty.   I don't like his chances.
One is taking his girl to a special dinner. He admits that he's playing his last remaining romance cards.  He's taken her to all the swanky places in Perth.  So its getting harder and harder to impress her.  I'm guessing it won't be long before he finally gives in and plays the Ace of diamond.
Me, I'm hanging off the girlfriend's Day Spa pampering birthday present which she awesomely booked for Valentines day.
My gift for her is me.
See I created a demand for me by making her miss me.  

I only had short conversations with her this week. Hardly any emails and little texting.   And on Saturday I will give her the thing she wants the most - me!!
Haha! One point - me, Valentines day blues - zero.
Love Lesson: love is blind, because its unconditional - doesn't matter lame we are

1) I've just started playing Syberia.  I bought Syberia I and II for $24. Bargain!
2) Currently hooked watching Skip Beat on Crunchyroll.  Its just hell funny.
3) Chris Brown took "No Air" literally didn't he? Chill with "Flo-Rida feat Keyshia Cole - Right Round" instead

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bingskee said...

wow.. romantic! i think you should have shared the idea of giving the self-gift to their gfs.