Monday, 16 February 2009

Maybe She's Into You

A friend of mine called because he wanted to talk.

First thought - a guy calling a guy.  

To talk.

This is weird. 

Alarm bells rang in my head.  Code red alert!  

Maybe he's decided to bat for the same team and he's making his moves on me!! Yikes!!  

Or maybe he just wants to talk.

'Sure, lets meet up' I awkwardly replied.  So we met up after work at a nearby park.  I made sure it was a public place.  The thought of him beating me up and taking my wallet did cross my mind.

Thankfully that wasn't the case.  

Its a simple matter of him falling head over heels for a girl.   He wanted to talk and get some expert advice. 

"Ha-ha! You've come to the right place my friend!"

I couldn't help but smile.  Such a happy time for my friend :)

To cut the long story short (and spare you the juicy details), he's fallen for a girl and he's overwhelmed by intricacies and the complication that is women.  I sympathise with him because I know when you meet that special someone, its both a wonderful and frightening experience.

Wonderful in that she makes you warm and fuzzy and happy inside. Frightening because suddenly your on stage and all eyes are on you. And you will desperately try to make this warm fuzzy feeling last by not fumbling and end up losing her.   

And of course my friend was worried.  He hasn't been with a lot of girls and he's not sure if she was even interested!

Though I haven't been with a lot of girls either, I have SEEN A LOT of romcoms and Korean dramas, so I was pretty confident in giving him expert girl relations advice.  

To get a feel if she's into you, I suggest the following:

1) Reconnaissance 
A good tactician will always know the field before the battle.  Although stalking is illegal, its only illegal if you get caught.  So try to be careful.  

If you think this is a bit too risky, perhaps seek her out in them social Internet sites like MyFacester. Find out what she likes, her hobbies, her favourite food.  Maybe she likes the same things you do.  Maybe she doesn't.   But unless you get some background information, you will have no where to begin.

2) Multiple birthday disorder
Get to know her better by inviting her and her friends to your birthday party.  

The group environment makes it easy to socialise And because its your birthday, she has to be extra nice to you (birthday kisses perhaps?).  

It doesn't matter if you've already had your birthday.  Just say you're having a second or fourth birthday this year.  

If not birthday, make up another occasion, like a promotion or the cat's anniversary or the arrival of your first google adsense cheque.

3) Borrow some Butter
Get to know her by by borrowing something from her.  

It would be best if you borrowed something personal like her favourite book or music album.  If that fails, try borrowing something you genuinely need like a shovel, spanner, road map, cookbook, pan, blender, towels, soap, underwear.   Okay, maybe not her underwear.  

But remember to take good care of her property!
You can use this as ransom in the future (aka Plan B).

4) Friendly coincidence
Spend lots and lots and lots and lots of time with her friends.  

This has multiple benefits.  You'll get to know alot about her because I'm sure her friends are more than willing to spill the beans on her.  Having them on your side may also benefit you in future endeavours, so make sure you spoil them as well!  

But most importantly, if you hang out with her friends long enough, you're bound to bump into her, eventually!  So its like a win-win situation for you. 

Just be careful that you don't get swallowed into the "friends" zone. 

5) Read the signs
The most important tip I can give is learn to read body language.  

Don't make silly girly mistakes of over analysing what was written on Facebook or the blog page. 

What's most important is seeing them in person and getting that first hand impression on how they dig you.  

There are heaps and heaps of articles on the Internet about body language.  

What does it mean when she twirls her hair or when she stands this way or bite her lip or pick her nose or laugh this way.  She can communicate quite a lot without having to utter a word.  

Once you can read body language, everything about how she feels about you becomes quite obvious.  Does she stare at her french manicure when conversing? Or do her eyes twinkle with delight when she sees you.

And that's it!  Five tips to check if she's into you.  :)

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PS - I dedicate the cat pics to the cat stuck inside my girlfriend's stomach. She didn't eat a cat, but her stomach sounds like one.


SK said...

Hehe . . love the cat pics!

Will said...

thanks Sk. im a dog lover myself, but i have to admit, they can be adorable sometimes..