Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Friends and Frienemies

I learnt a new word the other day.
Frienemy - pronounced Fre-neh-me.

Pretty self-explanatory. Its a friend who you are superficially nicey-nicey and lovey-lovey with, but deep down, hold only the most malicious of intents for.
Think girls and stereotypical bitch-bashing.
Girl A and Girl B, all peachy and happy for each other. They would talk for hours about boys and go shopping together, complement each other's clothes and buy nice gifts for each other. They even share the names of their future kids together!! Waaaaw! BFFL!! *giggle* *giggle*

But behind each other's back, the razor claws await.

Girl A wants Girl B to grow fat and ugly.
Girl B wants A to get herpes.
Girl B secretly wants girl B's boyfriend to be gay, because he's too hot for her.
Girl A slept with Girl B's ex, who is Girl D's BFFL and are having a baby with.

And so on.
Thankfully, the competitive nature of frienemies feeds on each other so this wonderful symbiotic relationship thrives.

And because frienemies keep their frienemies close (to check on each other).

Though my opinion of a 'frienemy' is theoretical and based on half an episode of Gossip Girl I saw, I came up with a word that would better describe a person I knew in high school.
Friemesis - pronounced fre-meh-sis. A friend and nemesis. A nemesis being a rival whom cannot bested. Perhaps a guy version of a Frienemy.

Whilst frienemies are able to pull back the claws and call truces during shopping days, a friemesis doesn't offer such luxury.

In fact, when or if the friemesis and I cross paths, dark clouds form, petrol prices go up and a baby sea lion cries to mommy.

I had planned on bagging this Friemesis of mine in this post. (You should have seen my Photoshop work. Very scandalous).

Sadly, I'm too nice and I wouldn't do that.

Plus he added me to his Facebook account so he might find out about this post!

But as much as I'd like to write bad things about him, I realise that he is about as important to me as I am to him.

We are galactically opposite to each other. The black and the white. Ying and Yang. The good and the bad.
The water and the fat.

He has become the peg of someone I strive not to become.
And perhaps, I'm the same for him.

Do you have a frienemy or friemesis?

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