Friday, 30 January 2009

January Randoms

Been having the most stressful two days.  

And I'm blaming it all on the house air-conditioning salesman!!

Long story short, the incompetent salesman (*ahem *ahem Season Makers in Balcatta), told me the wrong day of installation.  

This caused - metaphorically speaking,  a stream of dog doodoos hitting the proverbial fan.

So very very annoying.

Thankfully there was a new episode of Naruto on Crunchy Roll.  Anime calms me down :P

And Wonder Girls. Hahahaha.

This video of traffic police officers doing the Wonder Girls dance cracked me up. Watch the guy on the right!


On to more positive and exciting news!!
My friend is getting married tomorrow!! Imagine that!

And I'm co-best man!  Imagine that!!
He must have been drunk because he asked me. 

Hahahaha, poor guy - were going to roast him on our speech.

We got the suit yesterday and its all looking good.  

Me doing the KC

Its so hot wearing so many layers though. Hopefully we don't melt.

Good luck to us!  FIGHTING!


Mesha said...

OMG! Male Camwhore alert! :P
I like the suit BTW.
Very classy.. although i bet you did melt in this weather.

J said...

Noooo! Don't do that thing! Alright, must admit you do look good in thes suit. Must be in the genes.

Will said...

hahahaha! thats right! Equal oppurtunity means men have rights to camwhoring too!

Will said...

Hhehehe, J, its ok. ill only do the KC thing once in a while.

Yeah, the parents are awesome. They said 'lets make handsome son'