Monday, 12 January 2009

Gold Lightning Mussels

Here's the story of my Saturday that has been.

My day started off with a slice of fruit loaf for breakfast. 
This was actually my nephews' breakfast, but they were still asleep.  Beside... they ate my coco pops...

First thing I did was do stuff for my house.  

I darted off to the Lighting International to buy electrical fittings and bulbs.  I had to sort through down lights, chandeliers and oyster fittings.  Lucky for me the sales rep was really good and she helped me sort things very quickly.  Man-style-shopping hehehe!! 

I had to pick one?

A few more visits to housing stores and voila! my morning was gone!!

I headed home for lunch.  

I quickly cooked some Mee and at the same time played with my two nephews.

"Watcha doing?" J asks innocently
I couldn't answer because I was too busy stuffing mee down my throat.  Nearly chocked as well.

After lunch, I went to martial arts training and nearly died from the heat.  I was literally drinking my own sweat!  Damn the black pants on hot days!  It was like 38C outside but inside it was like an oven (and I was the turkey being basted)! 

After that,  I visited my house and did some cleaning up.  My limbs were still trembling and I was still sweaty from training, but I needed to sweep my driveway.   The dust was going everywhere and was sticking to my skin.  I was turning to rock-man!  Hehehe. It was such a gross feeling.  

Anyhows, went home and did some more cleaning up.  

Then I went to church.

Then I went to my girlfriends house and help them finish the 5kgs of Chili mussels she cooked up.

It was really good, but why o why was there pumpkin soup too! Its like going on a date with two girls! You can't make me choose between two good dishes!  
Ended up eating heaps of both.  (which is what I'd do on a date with...)

The plan was to go to Brisbane hotel afterwards for dessert.  But I was too stuffed so we ended up somewhere random  - like the Gold bar in Subiaco.  

I should be dancing... not taking photos.

Nice place.  I dig the funky tunes and the ambiance. Very modern, clean, gold-disco- ish, and they have egg seats! Yeah baby! Although we felt a bit intimidated by overpopulation of Ben Cousins and Paris Hilton-wannabees.

Then went to Scarborough beach to soak up some sea breeze to calm the senses.  


What a Saturday.  

Of course this is not a sob story (there is nothing to sob about).  Its just that recently, I've been having lots of these busy days.  I'm running around doing stuff!!  

That's right.  I'm doing stuff!!! 

I used to wake up midday, eat brunch, watch some crappy movie on Channel 7, play some PlayStation till it gets dark, then head out with the boys. 

That was my saturdays.

How I miss those days.


bingskee said...

hi, will!

belated merry christmas and a happy new year! it looks to me that you have a more wonderful saturdays today but really challenging..

all best for you for 2009! (and finally i'm having time to hop)

Will said...

hi bingskee, happy new year! Yeah, saturdays are full up for the next few weekends. Challenging would be the best word to describe them!