Thursday, 8 January 2009


Convergencenoun  The act of two or more things coming together.

Converging blogs
I'm so happy I changed my blog theme. 

I discovered that Blogger has an import/export blog function! With that I was able to merge my old blog with this blog.  Convergence!  Hehehe.

I spent some time looking at past posts.  Some of the posts... I have no idea what I was thinking. 

Still fun reading through my web diary though.

Funny how it all started though.  First I just wanted to post some photos.  Then I added comments.  Then next thing I know, I'm commentating 'til the cows come home.  

Hopefully all of this will come handy when I write my autobiography.  3rdWill - the diary of a saucy legend.

Converging gizmos
During my last holiday, I went through the pains of using my broken Lumix digi cam  :(  
I loved my camera. It wasn't sexy, but the pictures it took were impressive.  

Sadly my mom messed it up on her USA trip.  I don't know what she did but the dial is forever changing from picture mode to movie mode to macro to view.

Then a few weeks into the new year and my Samsung phone died!!!!  

I can't tell you how gutted I was!  My phone was ringing but nothing I could do would answer the call.  The buttons died! :(  

That day I had like 5 messages that I couldn't read.  

My fans would have been upset.

I bought the phone from ebay, so even the authorised Samsung repairers can't fix it (or refuse to fix it).

So I tried to fix the phone myself (with the help of the Samsung U600 technical service manual I got from torrent sites).  I successfully opened up my phone and cleaned the lint and dust inside.  I checked the flexi cable to the buttons to make sure it was connected properly.  When I put the phone together again, I was two screws short!  

Hahahaha, I wonder where they went :P

So I spent a whole day stressing over a new phone.  I mean, I love gizmos, I just don't love the fact that it will be worth nothing in two years.  Mobile phones still evolve too fast.   And phones these days are loaded with too much gimmicky technology.  Smile detection?  Shake controls?

Plus the phone will most likely die after 12 months (funny that..  phones die just after their warranty period)

The dead ones. Photo taken by the new baby.

So after much deliberation, I got myself a camera phone. Its not that sexy coz its a brick, but damn... I'm loving the cyber-hotness of the Sony C905.  Don't really care much for its other functions, I just like the fact I don't have to carry a camera AND phone.  

Only two bulges in my pants now *wink *wink  :P

Converging relationships
A wedding proposal this month! 
And there's a wedding around the corner! I'm at a point in my life when all my friends are getting married.   

It won't be long when they start popping out kids and were all going to each other's kid's birthday parties.  Ohhh the humanity.

I learnt something the other day though.  Its quite interesting.

My friend told me that relationships and marriage is like a math formula.

He said that 1+1 = 0, doesn't work because that's a relationship where there's no love.

He said that 1+1 = 1, doesn't work either because that means someone in the relationship has taken over and is overshadowing the other.

Surprising, he said 1+1=2 was wrong as well.  In a working relationship, it should be 1+1 = 1+1,   a union of two individuals who remain themselves - unique and quirkily themselves.
I pondered on this for a while.  Was I still me? 

I mean, its true.  After a while of being together, sometimes its hard to distinguish if I should be thinking 'me' or 'we'. 

I concluded that my girlfriend and I have not mutated into some four armed freak with two heads.  

So its still all good.

1) Really enjoying pretending to be a lawyer in Apollo Justice
2) I thought Paris is Burning was by Birds of Toyko (although this group is pretty good too!). Its by LadyHawke.  Awsome vocals. Digging the tunes.  So much better than the Ting Tings - their song drives me nuts.
3) Best dish I can recall recently is my sister's Chicken Biryani. Inspired by Cinnamon Club she says.

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