Monday, 19 January 2009


Its been really hot the past few days.

Last Thursday was a 39C day and the Friday after was a scorching 41.8C!

The firebugs were out too.  

I remember Nathan and Nat saying - 'rather than report where the bush fires are, we're just going to tell you where they're not'.

The city view was all smoggy from the fires

My girlfriend took me out to lunch that hot Friday.  

She's such an angel :)

Of course for her, I wear the best shirt and tie when its lunch-date days.  
That way she thinks I'm actually important where I work.  

The plan was to melt her with my smoldering corporate get-up. 

Unfortunately the plan backfired. 
When I got out of the office to meet her, the circulation-restrictive tie and non-breathing long sleeve cotton shirt was basting me like a turkey in a 300C fan forced electric oven.

She reckons I looked hot alright.
I reckon the armpit patches gave it away.

Frozen cokes from BP! Four flavours to choose from. 
Half price of Maccas ones, albeit fake coke

Speaking of hotness

My soon-to-be married friends celebrated their hen's night and buck's night last weekend.  

The buck's night was a non-official event and was very low key because we've already done a week-long Thailand trip.  

But it wasn't really complete because we didn't see a stripper.

And nooooooo way would we let the girls out-do us in the strippers department!

Whats Hot

Me no speak English.

At the Hen's, the girl gaggle giggled their way to man-meat above.  
Apparently he didn't speak much English.  

I don't think that was a problem.

As to what the girls got up to, I've only heard bits and pieces.  
Some details were left out to protect my innocent ears.

Heheehehehe.  If they only knew that us boys headed to Xotica!

Where the girls are scorching hot!

I was giggling like a girl after I briefly spoke to Miss Nude Australia 06-07, aka Paris.  

She called me baby. 

But I bet she calls everyone baby.

Whats Not

I took the opportunity last Saturday to cure my curiosity of the $2 peep shows offered by the adult stores.  

For me $2 buys you a scratchy, a small snack from Maccas, a can of coke, half a pie, eight txt messages.  But a peep show?! How does that work?!  

This I had to see!

I dragged the boys to one of the adult stores in James street.  

Once you get over the overwhelming amount of adult paraphernalia (most of which can impale people, think Burn After Reading), you will find the $2 peep show section near the back under the glowing neon sign.

There were several booths available.  The booths are about half a square metre in area.  Once you close the door, the only light comes from the frosted 20cm x 20cm window about eye level.  The walls are black with a a coin dispenser and tissue dispenser attached.

I think the tissues are for wiping the window of fingerprints? 

When you put $2 in the slot machine it magically turns the frosted window clear, giving you a 20 second preview of the supposed vixen inside.

Supposed is the operative word.

"MY EYES!!! 

OHHH MY EYES!!!!!"  I cried.

We left bitterly disappointed and laughing at the same time.  
A sore case of getting what you pay for.


bing said...

it' hot there? here in Pinas malamig ngayong araw lang uminit.

what man-meat he is...

LOL i think the tissue is to wipe away the tears?

Mesha said...

Hey! This is Mesha here from the Nuffnang gathering. Nice meeting you btw!

Your blog is simple but great. Fantastic material [I found the armpit sweat marks quite hilarious]

Keep in touch and hope to hear from you soon!

P.S: you should get a cbox instead!