Thursday, 18 December 2008

The Bachelor's Week

Its the joyous event of saying goodbye to a comrade's state of singleness. 

According to the most reliable wikipedia, bachelor parties originate from Sparta, when Spartans would toast the men on the eve of their wedding day. There's no doubt the tradition of toasting had carried through.  

All the bachelor parties I've been to involve excessive alcohol.  
And strippers :P 
My friends and I have just finished our 'bucks week'
A week-long bachelor celebration in Singapore and Thailand where we
 did nothing but sizzle under the sun, party, eat, then party some more.  
The hotness group
We had helluva time, but damn! I miss my liver!!
We drank so much!   

Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker, Heineken, Singtah's, Absolute and Tequilas. 
We drank so much, Flaming Lamborghinies were literally coming out of my nose. 
Memorable funny line:   "Chivas 18?"  "Really? She looks heaps younger than that!"  
And of course,  its not a bachelor's party if theres no women.  
We saw hot girls, small girls, skinny girls, asian girls, white girls, leggy girls, stumpy girls.  Girls who looked like guys and guys who looked like girls.  
Me and some hot ladyboys.
We even saw a woman smoke two cigarettes down below (that was creepy).
I guess the idea of seeing women is not to displace the bride-to-be or current partners. We just needed to reassure our blokeness from an otherwise testosterone packed posse.
Not being able to tell if they were women or not was frustrating though.  
Only left us more confused than ever.
But in the end of almost all bucks party, for me anyways, there's always this mild feeling of sadness.  
I can't quite pin it.  
Maybe its because such a happy occasion ended?  
Maybe being surrounded by too much testosterone has ill effects. 
Maybe its the depressive side effects of alcohol. 
Or maybe its the realisation that nothings changed and that the buck's singleness didn't really end that night.   
It ended a long long time ago, 
when boy met girl.

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