Tuesday, 2 December 2008

6 Guys, 2 Countries, 1 Trip

I threw in my brother's snorkles into the luggage.
Thats the clothes part sorted out. 
I only need to worry about the paperwork.. and the DS games, the songs for the mp3 player, the charging of the shaver,  charging the camera, emptying the memory card, battery for the headphones and of course, the toothbrush.
I'm leaving on a Jet(star) plane (to Singapore and later Phuket).
and I definetely wanting to be back again (and not stranded).
Its going to be an interesting trip. 
Theres always the huge promise of fun and excitement when hanging out with the boys. All the tom foolery, fart jokes and girl gawking.
But thats a reason to be worried.
Im not sure what to expect from extended male bonding sessions in a hot humid environment with an awful lot of spicy, spicy food.
I read the water in thailand can give you the runs. 
Even the Ice.
Oyster and water apparently gives people the runs.
And too much beer gives me the runs. Im not looking forward to doing much running.
Theres also the drop in our currency,  the vengeful girlfriends and the repeated travel warnings for our destinations. 
From what I've read so far, it sounds like everyone there is out to scam your money!
But what am I complaining for?  Im going on holidays!! Yeay!
Dream big, work hard and play nice.

I'm up to the nice part.

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