Thursday, 27 November 2008

World Apart

1) Little Big Planet
3) Fallout 3

A bit of hope doesn’t hurt anyone. But as much as we might like all men to be paragons of strength and honour and all women to be wise, patient and faithful; life is not a romance novel.
These lines from my daily read struck me quite hard.
Ok, maybe life isn't a romance novel, but surely people are striving to be the good right?
Am I in denial? Am I the only one working to make this statement untrue?
I go to bed thinking all the guys are doing their best to be paragons of strength and honour. Coz that's what I aim to be. 
And I hope the lasses out there are striving to be wise, patient and faithful.
But reality and the media are throwing my fairy tale world apart.  

I'm starting to think that it really is a lost cause. 


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