Monday, 17 November 2008


I just finished watching through the whole season of UK's The Apprentice and by gosh, what a ride.

Its just really fascinating watching people try and sell themselves to be Suralan's next apprentice.

They love flowering themselves and giving BS answers like 'I shouldn't be fired because I'm willing to give it my best shot, and that if you give me another chance, I will prove you blah blah blah.'

My favorite is Episode 11. The contestants get grilled by Sir Alan's team of interviewers. Two of the guys in the panel are super nasty. They pretty much tore everyone apart. Then there was a part where a contestant was asked to sell a plastic ball pen over a more expensive fountain pen. He did a shocking job I thought. And I can't believe Sir Alan let someone who lied about their resume continue in show.

Of course I'm no interview expert.

I've crashed and burned in so many job interviews. I even failed securing a job in Hungry Jacks / Burger King (endless Whoppers was a noble dream).

All the rejections get you into this horrible spiral of questioning yourself and your skills. Its like a dark purple cloud of negativity towards yourself and others.

Maybe my test score is not high enough, maybe they don't like Asians, maybe my accent is too American. Maybe its the cologne I'm wearing. Maybe maybe maybe.

Then I figured, maybe I'm just trying too hard.
Trying too hard to find the right answers and say the right buzzwords - even for jobs I knew nothing about.

Just be yourself. If you don't get it, then you know you've done all you can. And if you do get it, well..


I remember being asked on my job interview about what someone would consider if they were buying shopping trolleys for a supermarket chain.

I remember going on about size and shape and ease of use of trolleys, materials, colours, weight capacity.

But the clincher, I think, was the little foot things on the trolley wheels that stopped it from rolling back on travellators.

I remember seeing the panel's faces light up, curious of the little foot thing I was going on about.

There and then I knew I was having my moment of brilliance.

Because that's what I'm about.
The shopping trolley foot thingies.

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