Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Splashing around

1) Steamboats
2) Almond jelly

3) Lil Wayne - Lollipop

For the past few weeks I've been teaching my girlfriend how to swim.

She's doing really well. She went from zero swimming skills to 12 meters in 4 sessions. Pretty good I think. Although I get the impression that the teacher favours her :P

I think swimming is a very important life skill.

I'd categorise it with essential things like reading and writing, first aid and Googling.

And I think once she's able to swim, we can finally look into submitting an application for The Amazing Race. (or maybe is should team up with someone who can already swim...)

Sadly, swimming and I have a love-hate relationship.

I love it coz it's a really good full body exercise and its really challenging mentally.

When you've swam 100m straight and your arms and legs are super heavy and tired and your chest is burning from lack of air and you've snorted about 2 litres of water, your mind starts taunting and ridiculing you.

"you can't make it... "
"might as well give up now.."
"the old lady is beating you.. "
"is that 10 cents at the bottom of the pool?"
"who's the girl in the black bikini.... damn those are hot legs "
"ohh. its the old lady... "

But you give it a bit more and push through.

And when you finally touch that finish wall you get this fantastic feeling of accomplishment.
Enough to make you want to do it again.

And I love swimming coz it makes chips taste really good afterward.
Nothing beats after-swimming hot potato chips :P

But there are a few things I hate about swimming.

Number one is the chlorine. Hate how it smells and it burns my eyes.

And I hate the fact that I get thirsty when swimming and I can't drink the water coz its got chlorine. I've drank it a few times, but I wouldn't want to make a habit of it, knowing how many times I've peed kids have peed in the water.

And most of all - I hate the changing afterward.

Always forgetting my towel is not the problem.
Nor is it the fact that whatever I do, my pants always end up being wet. Always.

What really annoys me are the old people parading around butt naked and flashing their shlongs as if I'm not there!

I mean, geeze man!! The only thing that I should be seeing that is pruney are my fingers! Talk about sight for sore eyes.

And for the not-so-old, damn!
I know I'm asian - no need to rub it in!!

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