Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Regrettably Evil

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They say that you shouldn't regret things. I've heard people say:
I don't regret anything. Whatever I've done in the past makes me the way I am now
Ok. That may be true that it makes you the way you are now, but I think people who say they don't regret anything are full of bullocks.

I'm sure WE ALL had times when we go out and regret not wearing a jacket or bringing an umbrella. Or maybe you buy something on a holiday and regret it when you get back. Or eating a meat pie and regret not heating it well enough.

You may or may not learn from them, but life is definitely full of regrets.

One of the things I regret was buying a car by myself.

Would I would regret buying a A$80,000 Lancer MR - EVO X? Yes. Not enough cup holders.

See, I've did my homework (or so I thought).

I researched everything about the type of car I wanted.

I looked up models, accessories, efficiency, power, history, warranty, servicing, insurance, registration, paint choices. I wrote a comprehensive, weighted scoring criteria (based on price, looks, power) which narrowed my choice to two car models. Then I test-drove the two models before I made a final decision.

So the choice was clear. I knew the car that I wanted and I kinda knew the price. So I was protected from sales pitch yah?


I messed it up and walked away spending much more than I should have.

Where did I go wrong?

The car accessory girl.

She was evilness on hot legs, skirt and an awesome smile.

What happened was, after a long negotiation with the evil and ugly mr car sales manager, I finally got the car in the right price range.

I was happy and so I relaxed a little.


I was introduced to the car accessory girl!

She was friendly and smiley and everything the car manager was not.

Surely someone like her wouldn't try and screw me (I mean that in a financial sort of way... she was out of my league anyways).

A few minutes later, I bought scratch protection, paint protection, car tinting, rust protection, leather guard and plastic protection (?!) for my car.

I don't even know what half of them did, but I bought it anyways.


Little did I know that this was a common strategy. After the awful negotiations, when your guard is down, they pass you on to the most vicious of sales agents, the accessory girl.

Its been three years now since I bought my car and I will admit that I regret buying all them accessories.

The car is in good condition because I look after it. Not because they applied some mysteriously invisible magic formula.

Oh XR5 - if you were only more fuel efficient..... and A$10,000 cheaper...

I tell this story to my close friends and family who buy cars in hope they don't fall for the accessory girl. But even with this story, they still fall for her.

My older brother bought a Corolla and the accessory girl sold him window tinting.

My parents recently bought a Honda Civic and even with my repeated warnings to say NO to the accessory girl, they bought car upholstery protection. Blame it on the the coffee-spill-on-the-demonstration-rag trick.

Now my youngest brother is in the market for a new car.

I pray that he too doesn't fall victim to the evil (but always hot) car accessory girl.

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