Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Chasing Chickens

Its already midnight and I'm still up.

My body is so tired but my mind is not. My mind is actually disturbed.

This because my dad and I just watched The Watcher. Its a Korean thriller/suspense movie - And by god, its very disturbing.

Very very disturbing.

Its kinda like a whole series of Criminal Minds and Saw and Pretty Woman (?!) all concentrated into one.

Its one of those movies where even though it's ended, it leaves a lingering feeling of uneasiness.

I guess that must make The Watcher a pretty good movie if it bothered me that much.

One of my criticisms is the blood.

There's quite a bit of it - enough for a Mortal Kombat fan like me to cringe.

After the movie, I was cooking honey-soy chicken and when the blood started oozing out of the drumsticks I started feeling ill.

Lucky the smell of honey soy picked me up again. :P Hmmm chicken!

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