Tuesday, 18 March 2008

An Indefinitely short period of time

Would you eat a bit of dog poo if someone dared you to?

What if they gave you $10 for your trouble?
How about $100?
Maybe $1000?

Maybe $10,000 would have you going for platefuls of doggy meaty bites.

(I think I'd eat a grape size for $699.. but it has to be fresh and I don't have to chew!)

Its funny that with a bit of cajoling, one can end up doing just about anything.
I guess everyone has a price.

I find this fascinating because it shows how flexible the human spirit is.
Its only this one time...
Words we use to convince ourselves that its okay. But deep inside we know its not.

Last Saturday I broken my 'no-fast-food-for-a-year promise' with a serving of a small Quarter pounder meal.

And now I'm kicking myself about it.

I'm not upset about calories or this awful lardy aftertaste still lingering in my mouth.

I'm upset because I let myself be fooled thinking that eating a $4 Quarter pounder was a better alternative to eating a $15 burger from Fast Eddy's.

And it was only this one time.

I let myself down and now I'm thinking I should have a Big Mac to comfort myself.

If it really was just that one time, how come I know it'll take longer to forget.

The Mega mac awaits for me in Japan

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