Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The Elephant monkey

1) Jelly in a cup
2) All you can eat prawn cocktails
3) Miss Philippines 2008

"How does one eat an elephant.?
One bite at a time."

That's what I always tell myself when embarking on something new and gigantamous(TM).

And today I took a big bite into that elephant I call home building.

I signed about ten million paper documents and contracts to finally complete my home construction pre-start.

Pre-start is the final meeting you have with the building company before they begin the construction of your house.

Its kinda like a really really really really long conversation with a mobile phone salesman. They explain to you the different plans and the different networks and the rates and such.

The difference is that you're buying the construction of a house rather than a phone plan.
And home construction doesn't come with a hands free kit or a leather case.

It's a pretty hairy experience.

We are talking about the second most biggest investment you'll make in your life. Biggest would be getting a girlfriend->wife. That's a lifelong contract :P

But I guess if you know what you want, then everything would be straight forward. It's very easy to get lost in the endless permutations of paint schemes, home designs, brickwork, laminates, roof colour, tiles, knob fittings and door colour.

There was a point where I nearly went nuts choosing from eight different types of white tiles. I mean geeze! How many shades of white tiles could one have?!

Anyways, that's a big monkey off my back.

I'm did my best so I'm sure it will turn into a nice little abode.

Shame no one I know like artificial grass. And it's a shame they wouldn't let me put a spa in the living room. That would've been neat.

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Berts said...

Hey Billy

Congrats man... home owner now well on the way anyways. Where is your plot of land again is that actually it on the picture? Looks pretty big.