Wednesday, 26 March 2008



A Moment to Remember: Watch with tissues (for your girlfriend)

I must be doing something very wrong these past few days.

It seems that every time I see my girlfriend she ends up crying.

It's not that I try to hurt her or anything.

(Well.. maybe that one time last monday when I ACCIDENTALLY threw a water bomb at full pelt at her face.

We were playing a game okay!
It was purely accidental. Thankfully the swelling went down)

Or maybe she's going through an emotional period (no pun intended :P) .

I guess girls and crying just go hand in hand.

A week ago at the end of Miss Saigon I found myself surround by lots and lots of females with the water works on. I've never experienced synchronised mass crying before. It was very weird.

But secretly, I think I like it when a girl cries.

Not the same way Enrique likes it.
Or maybe yes to that too.

But what I mean, is when a girl cries during a sad movie or how happy they are. Its such a girly thing to do, its cute.

Now I've met 'big girls don't cry' girls before and they kinda off putting. Usually they're the sarcastic type. Don't like them.

I feel threatened by them.

Probably 'coz they have more facial hair than me.

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