Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The bad week and the bbq pork buns


After Sydney, I think I fell into a hole of messed-up-ness.

Daaamn! Its been an awful week! Weather's been gross, my gums hurt and stupid freaking LAN games don't work!

Stress bombs are dropping left-right and centre! And to makes things worse - my bonsai is dying!! :(

Its like the lord of crapiness did a #2 then buried me in it.

Thankfully love always saves the day.

My girlfriend came back last weekend and it was really nice to see her again (after two weeks separation).

It was unfortunate that she was a bit sick. I was given a 1-meter restraining order so I couldn't catch her disease. Plus her soar throat made her sound like a man. She had a manlier voice than I did!

She was about as sexy as the gurgling sounds she makes when she blows her nose. All she did on the weekend was sleep, sneeze, cough and sleep some more. Luckily she wasn't making snot bubbles while she was snoring. :P

But I love her and it was really good to see her :)
Seeing and talking to her always turns my world for the better.

Hopefully next time I see her she won't be so pasty looking :P

Anyways, below is what I made for her for valentines.
Presenting - my special BBQ pork buns of love (TM)!!

She gave me some bbq pork buns to snack on
But rather than eat them, carved them out instead..

...and turned them to love buns!

I should've used tabasco sauce for colouring. The it would be the 'spicy hot BBQ Pork buns of love(TM)'!!!

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