Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Sydney Holiday

1) Command and Conquer 3
2) A Moment to Remember
3) Ramen Kan

Suffering from Post-Sydney Holiday Blues right now (PSHB).

The trip's been really enjoyable.

I had fun and it gave me some time to relax from work. I also got some reflection time to think about things past, present and future.

Looking back at the photos, I regret that I didn't stay longer.

I would have loved extra time with family and friends.

Jamie and me in Palm Beach

And I would have spent more time getting fat! Food there is fantastic!

Ramen Kan - best valued Ramen in Sydney (or maybe Australia?)

Sydney fishmarkets offer the best seafood platters

A selection from the Lindt cafe

My other regret is being a bad influence to my trusty travel companion, Fee.

In 'da clubs with Fee and Sau

His words "This is the most I've drank in one night in my whole life" sends guilt-shivers down my spine. I guess he'll never be the same again.

But I'm sure he had a good time.

Fee, doing a different type of site seeing

Most regrettably, I couldn't spend this trip with my girlfriend. It would have been so much fun with her.
Celebrity in Sydney. Mel from Sunrise is in the photo too.

Other than that, Sydney's been a blast.
Maybe I'll do it again next year.

Less than forty days 'til the next travel bug bite. I can't wait!

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