Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Valentine O Ate

1) Guitar Hero 3
2) Jordin Sparks - Shy Boy
3) Computer upgrades
I'm kicking myself.

I was pretty sure I was gonna up the ante on Valentines Day this year.

Something classy.

Maybe a candlelight dinner

with KFC and rice or something.

Sadly my baby and I are on a 'no-fast food diet'. So that's no good.

Plus my baby is far away for work.
I guess you can't have a valentines day date if you don't have a date. Go figure.

Im spending Valentines Day house sitting my girlfriend's house because her family have krabi.

It weird sleeping in this house all alone. Its like she's here but she's not.

Then again, I really should stop going through her things and underwear.

Anyways, here's some photos our last date.

I love the ketchup bottle

Dam! The burgers at FAB are huge!

Angry!!!! How am I suppose to eat that?!

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