Monday, 24 December 2007

Much Ado About Christmas


So its not a Christmas tree anymore.

Its a holiday tree.


Then I heard a story about Santas being told not to say "Ho Ho Ho" because it offends some women.

Which women?!

Them ho's kickin` it in da crib blinging out their grillz n ridin in them lo-lo's?

Someone's crib in Connoly. Look at 'em blings.

Then a few nights ago I found out that you're not allowed to say "Merry Christmas" anymore.

Only "Happy Holidays"

This because someone "apparently" took offense to being greeted "Merry Christmas" while doing their shopping. So the store person was sued.

After some research I found that this story was in fact an urban legend. The original story tells of a woman suing a city for having Christmas displays in their supposedly multicultural town hall.

Gotta love how stories change :)

But still, politically correctness nowadays is just absurd.

How about we just not have gift giving, carols and snow and Santa Claus and fruit cakes and cards and ham and eggnog and Britney Spears and Emos and HD-DVD and Australian Idol and Playboy magazine and tomatoes and goats and $400 shoes and vegetarians and politicians and beautiful people and smelly socks and ugly dogs because I'm sure its going to offend someone eventually.

Some people just take it too far.

They should just all make gingerbread men (not people), chillax and enjoy the festive season.

Gingerbread men made with love and lots of very unhealthy ingredients


Merry Christmas everyone.

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