Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Swingers Club

1) Muffins
2) Need for Speed Original Soundtracks
3) Moroccan Chicken

I've never been a fan of golf.

I haven't played it at all, so I can't bag it too much. It just seems so slow and poshy.

Plus it requires too much walking.

Now I appreciate that it takes tremendous amount of skill to get that dimpled white ball in a hole hundreds of yards away. Plus you have to do it in as few shots as possible. Still, it just doesn't look fun.

Not fun like Happy Gilmore anyway.

I just like to launch that ball and see how far it goes. Thats my kind of golfing! :P

My brother was given a set of golf clubs for his birthday and was keen to get me 'swinging' with him (that sounds almost wrong).

Sadly, you actually have to play a few holes of golf to ride these babies

So we got ourselves a bucket of balls each at a nearby golf range and spent an afternoon admiring how far we could get yellow golf balls flying.

And flying we sent them! Hehehehe.

Of course only two of every five actually got far. Most of the times they curved right and hit the trees. Some flew up a hundred metres only to land ten metres in front :S

My brother had the Michael Jackson thing going on with the one hand glove

Back in the Philippines, I grew up thinking golf was a sport reserved for the filthy rich. Only the snobby rich folks could afford a club membership. But where we went, we had old ladies and bricklayers and teenagers and all sorts of people playing golf and enjoying the range.

Maybe because its not an exclusive club that's why we didn't find any hot and sexy snobby looking golfing babes people. But it definitely changed my perception of the sport. Its for everyone!
I was concentrating so much.. I could have been laying golf balls

Still, I don't think I could ever get myself to actually play a game of golf.
I'm sticking with the driving range.. or golf with the Wii.

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