Friday, 28 December 2007

2007 Season Ender

Wow. Can you imagine that. 2007 is almost over!
Its gone turbo fast I reckon!

So many different things have happened. And I wish I could have captured all of them in this blog. That way I can look back and say 'hey, I did that didn't I? hmm that was fun'.

But I guess I didn't want to bore everyone with anecdotes on how my Final Fantasy characters were leveling up (which I think is a blog worthy achievement)

But for now, lemme do a recap on some of the things that was 2007.

2007 actually started a few weeks early for me. Around December 06, when my girlfriend told me that she'll be be working far far away from me. Well.. i dunno if its that far. 420 kilometres is closer than being inter-state or overseas. But its not close enough for bootie calls me to visit her at frequently.

So my year started off with an emotional roller coaster of not knowing what will happen between us. Everything had that bitter sweet taste. Happy she's moving on to the next chapter in her professional life and sad and worried of what was to happen to us.

Mr Strong and girlfriend - Margaret River

January was also the month I moved in with my brother. It was a temporary arrangement because bro was planning to rent out the house later this year. So I only did a partial move.

It was hard not knowing where home was.

It was a difficult month (especially when it was the month I started the 'no fast food diet').

So now there's 400km separating me and my girl.
And I guess guys, when left alone, end up playing around.

Long distance relationship
This is how my affair started.
With Sasha.

My shiny black Nintendo DS :P
Hehehe. I'm such a kid.

Sasha was suppose to keep me occupied for the long bus rides to Geraldton.
The look anyone would make if forced to watch VHS during bus rides

What my girlfriend didn't anticipate was for me to get so attached to Sasha.
When my girlfriend is not around, Sasha lies next to me when I sleep.

And I know Sasha loves me.
She says I have very good hands.

Beginning of the footy tipping season. Nice to know for the second year running, I got 1 point again for the first round of games.

March was a month spent mostly catching up with friends.

Looking back in my Inbox, I find a large chunk of emails debating on where to eat.

It's the month I first organised the Man Dinners TM.

The purpose was to save myself from my own cooking without the expense of fancy restaurants (which girls are akin to). Luckily for me, the man dinners turned out to be a good bonding sesh. We were exchanging stories about cars and massages with happy endings.

My sis and me after my bro's graduation. I still don't get what's so good about Oxford 130

My parents left for manila and Japan leaving the big house for me to take care of.
Party!! Right?!

It was pretty much cooking and cleaning and walking the dog everyday. It got creepy when I heard noises outside and the dog started barking. Maybe watching those horror movies was not a good idea after all.
My girl and the girls.

Upside was a few pizza nights where I got to pig out. And no one knew about it.

Ben & Ivy's engagement. I didn't have any pics of the newly engaged!

This month also saw a very messy night at Kim's birthday party. There was a moment when all the girls were synchronised vomiting in the toilet. Nice.

Went to Dunsborough and enjoyed time with my sister and family. Caught a salmon!
Yay! Up to now I'm still beaming happy with this catch.

My mom is still upset because I'm still keeping the bait in the freezer.
No way I'm throwing out the magic bait!

Lost in Kalbarri

My birthday month! Yay!
Had a great time going go-karting with friends. At first I was really worried because it was an early Saturday morning thing. But i think everyone had a good time.

The barbecue afterwards was a bit of a downer though. The grills didn't' get hot enough so the sausages and the chicken I spent hours removing the fat were 'simmered' rather than scorched.

Really happy with my presents too. The guitars are awesome. I have them in my room and jam on it when i find chords to songs that I like.

Right now I'm working on mastering the guitar bit in Justin's - Like I love you. Its only three chords, but the strumming is tricky for me.

Highlight would have to be the KFC and rice dinner on my birthday. It was a fitting end to the no-fast food diet.

Yay to Tiger airways! And yay to Singapore!!
It was the great Singapore sale! We ate so much! The free crabs were da bomb!

One of many drinks

Clubbing was a blast with Alvin and Joe. Haahah. Alvin was so wasted he was still drunk at dim sum the next day.
Other highlights were hotel made Lychee beer and DS In-flight entertainment.

Young grasshopper needs to work on his horse stance

I had a Kung-fu demonstration dinner. I seriously practiced this year, but I still messed it up on the day. Hopefully I can do better next year. I think my knee is giving out though.

This stuff didn't' do jack to my car

Also upgraded the sound insulation in my car. Took ages to do, but i did it! The result is hardly noticeable and probably not worth it. But I'm just happy that I did it myself.

Oh September.

The dreaded September.

Such a heavy birthday month.

It's the month of my mom's, my girlfriend's, girlfriend's mom and girlfriend's sister birthday.
I impulse-bought the present I got my girlfriend.

Still, feeling guilty that I didn't get her the best present. Although technically, i already got her a present in Singapore. But that just sounds like I'm just convincing myself here.

Hopefully something nicer next year.

High School Reunion. These guys are now in a band.

October was filled with lots of random stuff.

Metros - the only RnB club in Perth... seriously..

Jeff came to visit and we partied like the good old days. Although there was a special twist on one of the nights! Jeff and I were both promoted to be Alvin's best men. Good stuff!

I think best men duties include drinking and taking lap dances on behalf of the groom. Happy days!! hehehehe.

Speaking of weddings, my cousin Berts got married! I really enjoyed the ceremony. Nice and simple.

This month also saw me cook my first ever Japanese curry. It was so good! Tasted like the ones served in cheap Japanese restaurants. Yummy trans-fat. :P

I also tried boxercising with Ajay on Thursday nights. It's good fun, I'd continue it if I could, but all the jogging and jumping was really messing up my knees.

One word.

(or is that two words?)
Justin Justin! Justin! (have babies with me)!

Yay! There was a whole weekend when radio stations played nothing but Justin. The concert was awesome and I had a great time even though nauseated by something I ate and all the screaming I was doing.

Our love was deep

Me and Somnang took part in singing during Leelis's wedding. I think Somnang was drunk. I, on the other hand, was inspired by Justin! Hopefully we didn't take away too much thunder from the newly weds.

The month was finished off with the Movember Pub crawl. Our group went from pub to pub harassing the locals with our fake moustaches. The aim of the crawl was to visit at least six pubs. We stopped after three. Nobody wanted to buy rounds at the more expensive pubs!

December has just been a big blur of Christmas dinners and lunches. It seems like all I've been doing is eat all of this month.
Sooo good, yet sooo bad

I'm glad I got my shopping all sorted out nice and early this year (unlike my brother who was still shopping Christmas eve) That way things didn't get too hectic (except during the wrapping)

I'm really thankful for all my presents. I love it all. :)

Also thankful to the person who invented air conditioning! Damn its been hot! 44C!!! My car recorded 47C on Boxing day!

Well thats about all of it. A brief glance of the year thats been.

What's in store for 2008? :P

We'll find out soon enough. :)

Happy New year everyone.
God bless.

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