Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Drawn Out

1) Escape from Monkey Island
2) Hong Kong BBQ - Francis St, Northbridge
3) Paul van Dyk - In Between

Saw this cute article on the internet.

The story is, guy sees girl of his dreams in the New York subway. He tries to contact her with a rather unconventional way of doodling her and putting it up on that website.

Kinda like a real life version of that Daniel Powter - Bad Day music video. Kinda. :)

I'm guessing he must have gotten lots of prank phone calls.

Maybe from girls that look like this. Hehehe.

But yeah, nice story and I'm happy for the guy for having found the girl.
Hope it works out for them.

When I was cleaning up my room last week I re-discovered my art stuff. My sketch pad, pencils, gum tape together with a bottle of brushes, my water-paiting palettes and paint tubes all dried up and dusty.

Its depressing that I haven't done something creative of lately.

The last art-related thing I made was a cartoon eggplant fridge magnet. my purple creation

And I recently found out that the magnet has fallen off and the eyes have diffused so the eggplant looks like it has glaucoma!! :(

I guess if i'm to make something I gotta make sure it stands the test of time.

Even today, my mom still has the very first 'love card' that my dad made for her.

Yeah - I know, im shocked too!

Not because it's terribly romantic, but because I discovered my dad's drawing skills is sooo bad!
My two year old nephew could draw better!! :P hehehe.

Maybe they didn't have cute cartoons back in them days. Only stick figures.. and two colours of crayons.

But yeah, I want to go back to doodling.
Real drawing or painting or something.

The only doodling I've done lately is on my Nintendo DS.

A game called Drawn to Life lets you draw your own hero. I haven't played much of it, but
its quite amusing seeing my pumpkin head creation with octopus legs walking
around fighting bad guys.

I guess that can be my new year's resolution. Paint or draw something that I can frame.

Choosing the topic is the hard part.
Maybe I can find something from my travels.

Like girls in the subway.
Or not.

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