Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Dead bird

1) Kid Nation - THIS SHOW ROCKS!!!
2) Dirt Cheap CDs in Carillion Arcade
3) Ohnamiya Japanese Takeaway

Two years has passed and I can finally move out of Dodo! Yeay!!

Dodo WAS good in that they provided an unlimited account - so we could download to our hearts content. But now their plans charge a premium if you go over the quota. So it was time to give them the boot.

I signed up with a new ISP and asked them to churn my account.

Not trusting the happy people at Dodo, I called them up to make sure they won't charge me the next month. I was forwarded to a call centre in Manila. I knew the guy on the other end was pinoy because his American accent sounded like mine (only mine was A LOT LESS ANNOYING).

"What can I do for you ser?"
"Yes, I'd like to cancel my account.."
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.. okaaay.. let me get your account details pirst.."
"Just hold on a moment.. our computer is a bit slow"
"Sir.. just a little bit longer the screen is still loading"
"umm.. yup.."
"Just a little bit longer sir.. I hope you don't mind waiting a bit more"
"umm... (is this guy going to even allow me to wait?!! I haven't had a chance to wait yet!)"

Half an hour later they finally told me that the account has been closed and I won't be billed the next month.


It took ages because they were telling me that I was contracted for 3 years?! (huh?) and they wanted to charge me $400 cancellation fee? (HUH?!) What da pluck?

I dunno if it was a scam or they were just dis-organised. Maybe it was a bit of both.

Anyways I'm now chugging along with a newer, faster service provider. Everything's been pretty smooth. No more contracts, no more funny bird business.

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